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About Tilmann Zechlin

I´m an independent online marketing specialist with more than 8 years of experience. I´ve held various online marketing management positions before starting to work as a freelance consultant in 2015.


I work for German and foreign companies mostly on ecommerce projects. I specialize Google AdWords Search & Shopping, conversion optimization and pricing strategy. My clients are companies who aim to set up or improve their AdWords and Online Marketing ROI. See my current certifications here.

Scripts, API: Let innovation play a driving role in your AdWords Investment

Services Thought to Improve Your Marketing ROI

  • Adwords Campaign Management
    AdWords & PPC Campaign Management

    Whether you have an existing Adwords Account and would like an outsider to analyze it for strenghts, weaknesses and opportunities, or if you want to set up new campaigns: I offer you performance and an attractive pricing model for all your campaigns in German, English and Spanish.

    I specialize in Google Search & Partners and Shopping Campaigns. I also have experience setting up youtube and facebook campaigns. I also know very well all the important price-comparison websites in the German market.

  • On Site conversion Optimization
    On-Site Conversion Optimization

    Are you an ecommerce company and improving your conversion rate is your goal?

    What I offer you is a fundamental 360° degree check of all the On-Site factors that influence the conversion rate of your shop: Shopping Cart pages, Checkout process, product display, delivery page and so on. I look at all these pages from a client perspective and secondly from a professional perspective. As a final result, you will get a detailed report of erros and all points of improvement that I identified. 

  • Pricing Strategy
    Pricing Strategy

    I specialize in the elaboration of pricing strategies for Ecommerce companies. What is the ideal pricing for your products that maximizes sales and profit? Where can you increase prices without losing customers? I use modern pricing robots to work out a suitable strategy. If you require it, I work on the implementation of a pricing management system to be implemented within your company.

Tilmann Zechlin

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